Michael "Mike" Dunn

1964 - 1988

In athletics and in life, Mike Dunn sought with zealous determination to be the best person he could be.  A 1982 Highlands High School graduate, his titles and honors lay testimony to that relentless drive in sports to win, win, win: football and baseball team captain; Highlands' Most Outstanding Athlete; football scholarship to Georgetown College; and record holder for most passes caught in a season.

That same determination helped Mike compete against his strongest opponent - cancer.  During baseball season his senior year, Mike broke his leg when a base-runner slid into him.  After x-raying the break, doctors discovered  he had a cancerous tumor on his leg.  He underwent numerous treatments, including a then experimental limb salvage surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.  For six years, Mike successfully battled the cancer, never complaining about his illness, or the painful side-effects of his medication.  He never questioned why God had dealt him such a bad hand.  Through it all, he maintained a "happy-go-lucky" outlook on life, always willing to play cards, have a beer with a friend, or help anyone in need.

While cancer finally defeated mike's body in March of 1988, it never captured his Spirit.  That spirit lives on in all of the people privileged to have known and loved him.

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